Industrial Engineering is our speciality, it makes us excited. From the first moments with our clients we are on the case with full attention and aim to collect as much information as possible because we know; the key to the successful design projects is in the details. With our expert knowledge we shape bright ideas into executable design projects. We cover all aspects of the engineering design including conceptual and detailed design, design validation through different simulation methods and prototype development, design for manufacturing, technical documentations and also photographic rendering.

We offer engineering design services from private to industrial clients and are comfortable in any industrial environment from building services to renewable energy industry. Our services include, but not limited to: building thermal performance and ventilation analysis, heating system modernisation and feasibility study, innovative thermal energy (waste heat) recycling system development, Computational Fluid Dynamics for internal and external scenarios, Finite Element Analysis, prototype and test rig development, reverse engineering, industrial machinery design, and designing for improved energy efficiency.

Our confidence comes from the over a decade of industry experience and the universal knowledge that everything is possible.

We invite everyone who has a bright idea to contact us for a confidential discussion.

Our products, reflecting our dedication and passion, are designed with high attention to details and with a strong understanding of production engineering, delivering solutions that are optimised for cost effective manufacturing processes.

We take time to listen to our clients, to identify product requirements to the smallest details that helps us creating stunning designs and perfect solutions for our clients more efficiently in less time and budget.

Our designs beautifully combine aesthetics with advanced functionality, ergonomics and manufacturability.

Virtual prototypes can help assessing the appearance, functionality, structural integrity and behaviour of your product prior committing to making sometimes costly physical prototypes. It helps eliminating issues that otherwise would be inherited to the further stages of the design process, therefore, it helps minimising the cost of development.

Build the virtual prototype of your product with us, see it and test it in a real life like environment. We use advanced Computer Aided Design software and methods to develop the 3D model, simulation packages to predict its behaviour against real physical effects and also photographic rendering to help visualising its appearance.

Digital twin is a virtual three dimensional model of a real life asset. It uses data from different sensors installed on the physical objects to represent their near real-time status, health and operational condition or position. The digital twin therefore can be used for various purposes for example; remote assessing of processes and environmental conditions and interact if required, track and coordinate the movement of assets for example ships or trucks, collect and log historical data for statistics, assist in planning of maintenance effectively and alert in a critical situation.

The 3D CAD model is one of the key elements of any digital twin project. We develop high quality, detailed and fully functional digital twins that are optimised for the integration to the related data management and simulation applications for the smooth and fast information processing and representation.

We can build models of products quickly and accurately to provide further support for product performance, visual appearance, ergonomics studies, testing and appraisal. We can produce large variety of prototypes determined by their purpose; from proof-of-concept wooden, card or foam mock ups and  different plastic 3D printed models for high quality presentations to the high precision fully functional one off products.

Test rigs are such structures that allow studying and testing the performance of different R&D outputs. Developing a fully functional test rig for a specific testing purpose can be as complex and demanding as a product design. We have all the expertise and motivation to take the extra load of the test rig development off of research organisations so that they can focus their attention exclusively on their field of research.

Our Services



At this stage of the design process the function and form of the product or technical solution is outlined; interactions, user experiences and processes are designed. We understand what people need and know how to meet them through our thoughtful, smart and innovative concept designs.

Computer Aided


We use state of the art Computer Aided Design packages that allow us to visualize the product and assess its aesthetic appearance, functionality and integrity throughout the entire design process.



We can build models of products quickly and accurately to provide further support for product performance, visual appearance, ergonomics studies, testing and appraisal.



When required, we are able to perform Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Thermal profile analysis on our designs for validation and optimisation purposes.

Design for


Design for manufacturing, is integrated into our design process from the first moment to the final release of parts for production.

Acquisition of


At the finish line of the design process clients can access our network of trusted manufacturers from the UK, EU and the Far East.

Product Design


Computer Aided Design


Project Management


Design for Powder Metallurgy


Finite Element Analysis


Prototype Development


Design for Manufacture


Intellectual Property


Computational Fluid Dynamics


Market Analysis


Thermal Analysis


Engineering Design


Test Rig Development


Technical Drawing


Reverse Engineering


Photographic Rendering

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How we work

We use state of the art 3D Computer Aided Design packages that allow us to visualize our work and assess its integrity throughout the entire design process.

Our designs beautifully combine aesthetics with advanced functionality, ergonomics and manufacturability.

Who we are

Clarity Engineering Design is an ambitious engineering design consultancy. We offer wide range of services to our clients from comprehensive product design and computer aided services  to industrial engineering. We operate across multiple industry sectors from renewable energy to oil and gas through building services. We build our success step by step trough customer satisfaction and confidence.

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